Data Decentralized! Access pool of crowdsourced data through the most powerful data exchange.

Brontech has developed a ubiquitous data marketplace and digital identity platform that collects data directly from its users. Brontech’s data marketplace, built on blockchain ‘lossless’ technology, disrupts the traditional data brokerage models such as those offered by Equifax, Experian and Acxiom by empowering people to capture the monetary value of their personal information.

Unlike centralised data driven models where third parties (e.g. Google and Facebook) hold contextual data on their users without the intention for its cross domain utilisation, Brontech enables its data wallet holders to use this information across contexts and to actively participate in the future of the data driven economy.

Most importantly, the company is empowering users to have a higher level of control over how their personal data (anonymised or including Personally Identifiable Information-PIIs) is shared with third parties.

Brontech’s data exchange platform can incorporate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ identity data feeds with up to 10,000 unique data points per customer. The company is actively working to incorporate additional data sources such as bank feeds, shopping accounts, governmental sources etc.

Accessible investments anytime, anywhere. An innovative investment platform that provides all investors with access to deals that are normally reserved for industry professionals and their select clientele.

Akela is the only integrated investment platform of its kind, bringing together corporations and investors as co-creators in value adding and wealth generation. Offers and raisings normally earmarked for industry professionals and their select clientele is now accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The Akela vision is driven by a team of investment professionals with a cumulative industry experience of over 30 years. Passionate about sharing their core values of value creation, trust, transparency and independence, the team founded Akela as a platform for all investors, both sophisticated and new, to receive equal exposure to offers.

The platform allows you to view what is on offer and place an order for shares in capital raisings for established listed ASX companies, IPO’s and start-ups . Once you have set up an account, you can apply for shares and receive confirmation of your allocations, all on the one platform.



NCX is a Western Australian owned and operated company backed by local technology firm Lateral Pty Ltd who have more than 30 years’ experience in the software and technology industry. NCX is a platform where investors, traders and everyday Australians come to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum with peace of mind that their funds and digital assets are being stored locally within Australia.

NCX aims to improve the User Experience when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading to engage users outside the general demographic including those without a technical background or knowledge.

Promote as a trusted, secure & robust digital asset Exchange following bank like checks & processes.

Provide exceptional customer service to support newcomers to the digital asset market.

Locally registered & operated, not outsourced to overseas call centres, making it a trusted platform for trading.

Strict KYC & AML policies– verification of ID prior to trading.

Backed by a 30+ year Technology company providing expertise to securely manage infrastructure & develop customer engaging mobile applications.

Recruited one of the regions leading experts in Blockchain & digital asset to consult on setup & management of exchange.

Management has a proven track record of delivering and multiple growth and success in IT, Security, Fintech, fx, banking and funds management industries.