Brontech is a regulation technology company on a mission to fight financial crime globally.

The flagship product, the bronID portal, is a compliance toolkit which helps financial services achieve end-to-end AML/CTF compliance.

The bronID portal can facilitate know your customer (KYC), and business customer (KYB) checks from over one hundred jurisdictions in a pay as you go fashion. With global coverage, firms can protect their business from the threats of international criminals and fight financial crime in real-time.

The bronID suite includes intelligent, automated compliance tools which help users to understand, mitigate and manage their money laundering and terrorist financing risks — Syncronising compliance best-practices with step by step software in a cohesive, complete online portal.

Brontech helps its customers achieve compliance with AML/CTF legislation proactively, by using bronID, new financial services can respond to threats of financial crime as they are emerging and effectively fight against financial crime with confidence.Brontech has customers including fintechs, investment platforms, venture capital firms, wealth management, digital currency exchanges, remitters, financial advisors and government agencies. etc.



Accessible investments anytime, anywhere. An innovative investment platform that provides all investors with access to deals that are normally reserved for industry professionals and their select clientele.

Akela is the only integrated investment platform of its kind, bringing together corporations and investors as co-creators in value adding and wealth generation. Offers and raisings normally earmarked for industry professionals and their select clientele is now accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The Akela vision is driven by a team of investment professionals with a cumulative industry experience of over 30 years. Passionate about sharing their core values of value creation, trust, transparency and independence, the team founded Akela as a platform for all investors, both sophisticated and new, to receive equal exposure to offers.

The platform allows you to view what is on offer and place an order for shares in capital raisings for established listed ASX companies, IPO’s and start-ups . Once you have set up an account, you can apply for shares and receive confirmation of your allocations, all on the one platform.