About Ookami

Ookami flagship investment in Akela Capital Pty Ltd was completed in 2016. Akela offers unique SaaS (software as a service) technologies and financial services software to Australian Financial Service Licence holders that vastly improves efficiency and accuracy with public and private capital raisings. The Company has acquired a strategic equity position in award winning blockchain company Brontech Pty Ltd (Brontech) in January 2018.

Ookami’s business model is to develop an ecosystem of advanced technology solutions encompassing “smart contracts” and blockchain technologies, secure identity management and verification (‘Know Your Client’/AML) applications, data analytics and security and encryption applications.

These technologies are complementary to the Company’s Akela Investment Platform, whilst also allowing for mass adoption by third parties within the ecosystem. The Company has identified the Brontech technology as having key strategic synergies.

Direction of the company

Akela Capital was the first acquisition by the Company in line with the Company's focus, being technology and software solutions. The Company has expanded its portfolio in technology solutions, with an investment into Brontech, a blockchain based decentralized data marketplace that allows users to control their data and earn tokens for the 10,000 data points supplied by users.

It is possible that future acquisitions that may be contemplated may exceed the current or projected financial resources of the Company and it is expected that these acquisitions would be funded by debt and/or equity issues (subject to any required regulatory approvals).

Corporate Governance

In 2003, the Australian Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Council released a set of best practice recommendations for the Corporate Governance practices of listed public companies.

Ookami’s Corporate Governance policies are consistent with the Recommendations of the ASX Corporate Governance Council and are reviewed and updated so that these policies and practices are consistent with the revised Principles.

We will continue to monitor and update our Corporate Governance practices in light of ongoing developments in legal requirements and best practice.


Corporate Governance Statement

Corporate Governance Plan


Whistleblower Policy

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy